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Are written and printed texts hard or impossible to read? We travel the world to find the best products to assist with your vision problems.
“We are a fast growing company in our field, have a wide range of products and we believe we offer you the best service and competitive pricing”
This is a statement that we actually do take pride in living up to! Come and browse our website and contact the Pacific Vision Team

At Max More Solutions, our mission is to help smart businesses thrive in these uncertain economic times. We are a professional marketing and web services provider. We specialise in providing our clients with online business services for guaranteed online and offline growth. We work with local businesses to help them establish themselves online and help them get more customers.

We have a professional yet no nonsense approach – so we won’t baffle you with confusing ‘internet speak’. We just want to provide you with marketing methods that will work for you, get you more customers, and at a price you can afford – simple really!
Contact us today for a free no obligations chat about how we can help your business grow!
Max More Solutions - Savvy Solutions for Smart Businesses

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