A bit of history…

Kath did a bit of research on the family tree about 14 years ago to trace the emigration of the Spinettos from Italy to England. From what she could make out, there were four young Spinetto boys, either brothers or cousins. They left Italy and made their way to England in the 1830’s, settling in and around the Manchester area. One of them was Kath’s great grandfather whose name was Michael.

Michael’s son was Joseph (Kath’s grandfather), who had a jewellers shop in Yorkshire. He and his wife had 7 or 8 children. Kath’s father was Oliver, who was the seventh child. Oliver and Kath’s mum decided to emigrate to N Z in 1920, as there was very little prospect of good jobs for ex soldiers. The rumour was that Oliver’s father had offered to help him set up in the jewellery trade in Auckland, but on the way out, he got caught up by a couple of con men and was talked into farming instead.

What a very different set of tales we might have had if Oliver had kept to the jewellery plan!

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