One day, Vincent showed me a cave on the farm where the little stream came from. He warned me not to go into it on my own. He said I would not be able to get out by myself, and showed me a heap of bleached white animal bones at the bottom of the entrance where they had died because they could not climb out.

The entrance was a steep sandy slope and looked easy enough. So one day when I was on my own I went to investigate. Going down was easy, and at the bottom of the slope there was an opening leading further in. So I went through and found the little stream that fed the spring on the hillside. I wanted to go further but it was too dark and I had no light, so decided to go back and come another day with a lamp.

I easily made it back to the bottom of the slope and started to scramble up, but found the slope was loose sand and I could not get a firm foothold. In the end I used the wall of the cave for support for my feet, and pushed my way up on hands and knees.

When I got out safely I decided I never wanted to go back in again and never told anyone what I had done .

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