Battery on Board

There are many small incidents such as crossing the river on a loose wire fence, or paddling in the muddy flood waters on the flat when we could not see where the current was, but there is really no story to them so will leave them for now.

One day when the boys and Dad were up at the shed, they wanted a battery from the house. As Mum and I were the only ones there, it was decided that I should take it up on the sledge by myself, even though I had never driven it alone before. So Mum and I had to harness the horse and hook him up to the sledge, and then get the battery on board. I set off down the hill. Half way down, the battery started to slide and before I could stop it was over the side. It was very heavy and I had a struggle to get it back on board. It kept slipping and I could not hold on to it and drive at the same time. So I had to drive for a bit, then stop and push the battery back to safety. It was not quite as bad going up the other side, but it was a lot further as we had to go the long way round. The horse and sledge could not go by the short cut we walked, as it was too rough and steep. It took me ages but I got there in the end with the battery intact.

Another time when we were all up at the shed, Vincent had a very skittish white young horse he was trying to get used to the road and the noise of traffic. While the others were fixing a new shaft to a cart, he gave me the reins and told me to hold them tight. So I held them against the cart wheel. There was not usually much traffic on the road but suddenly a car came rattling round the bend and scared the wits out of the horse. She jerked her head back so hard she tore the reins out of my hand and almost ripped my thumb off. It was torn right down to the knuckle but did not break the bone. I was sent off home for Mum to deal with. She wanted to take me in to town to see a doctor for a tetanus shot, but it was too far and Dad said it was not worth it. So Mum had to clean and bandage as best she could, she was afraid of lockjaw.

I survived without a problem and still have the scar to prove it.

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